wild care, tame neglect: the end

wild care, tame neglect: raft

22nd September – 10:30 – 15:00

Frankendael Foundation

Middenweg 72, Amsterdam


Dear friend

Commitments end. They get dissolved by the tides of time; they become buried beneath the sediment of new ties. A dispute might tear them apart. Maybe their time was just up. What’s certain is they end. But what do they leave behind?. How is their legacy stamped onto the parties involved ?


For more than two years artist Edward Clydesdale Thomson and the Frankendael Foundation have been bound together in an experimental collaboration in which the artist inhabited the foundation as a sort of janitor. Sometimes sweeping up or tending its cultural heritage. Other times replacing existing signifiers with new ones. But mostly he’s been a sort of obstacle in the way of the smooth function of this station of the Amsterdam leisure economy. And obstacles aren’t always bad for they make you change your route in order to walk around them. And somewhere along that journey maybe you end up in a place better than you expected. But come to an end everything must, and we would like to invite you to come help us actualise this moment.

On the Saturday 22nd of September at 10:30 you are invited to come to Huize Frankendael, Middenweg 72 in Amsterdam where we will as a group build rafts on the lawn in front of the house, launch them into the waterway and float off into the canals. ‘

My father always taught me to never walk the same route daily, to switch up paths so as to foil the plans of those lying in wait of you. A cycle to the station, the train to Schiphol. A transfer to a sprinter heading for Duivendrecht. The number 41 bus to the Frankendael. A short walk to my studio. The time has come to switch up this route and for us to sail away along different tides. Our end, the disillusion of this collaboration, was grounded in our formation. We decided on this time period. Sure ‘wild care, tame neglect’ is a challenge to the throwaway economy and cyclical nature of the contemporary art economy. We’ve stood proudly in the way as the seasons of exhibitions came and went, struggled against a system founded on temporary durationality and reaped the harvest long term commitments. The website www.wildcaretameneglect.nl is testament to all we have achieved. And more than anything else I hope we’ve managed to demonstrate the possibility of an alternative economy of exhibition making.

wild care, tame necglect has throughout its existence been a platform which facilitated collaboration and exchange; where a network of artists, actors, academics, experts and an engaged audience met and worked together. ‘wild care, tame neglect’ is something that requires constant care, much like the way in which the water is being managed in the Watergraafsmeer-polder, which we will try to leave.

With this end event we hope you will come join this group for one last moment of collective endeavour.