In the middle of the garden is a small pond. It’s round. No, circular, with a brick edging.

There’s a ring of planting around it which looks like… well, I can see some sort of… hmm… actually I have no idea what that is. It’s all died back anyway, not yet come out for spring.

There’s a small fence made from wooden poles and a thin green metal mesh. The fence is probably about 40 to 45cm high. At one of the edges is a section of brick wall with a stone-carved lion’s head. I think this is probably a fountain because there is some piping in the pond which leads to the back of the lion’s head. Let me see… yes, unplugged, probably why it’s not working.

The level of the water in the pond is quite low. Looks like there are some lilies in it and a lot of green vegetation around, dense.


The pond is an all seeing eye in the middle of the garden, centrally located, stretching in all directions at the crossing of the two main axis of the garden. But this is just in plan, so perhaps it behaves more like of a ‘node’, if you put it like that… or then not really, it could be a void, empty.


You’ve got the symbolism of the lions head… oh there’s a butterfly, first butterfly I’ve seen this year… the lions head is pointed back towards the house which, if it were not such a symbol of authority, if were actually about the untamed lion that would be something.

One of the poles has fallen over and is leaning in towards the centre of the pond. Maybe my job is to restore this fence. Should I just fix it or replace it with something else? The current fence sort of makes the pond disappear. What is it doing? If it is a barrier, what does it contain? Is it stopping you falling in or is it stopping what’s happening inside of getting out.

Inside or outside, whose park and garden really is this, yes this fence, this small fence here is where I’m going to start.